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New Dawn - Unite

Review by Tony Gaskin

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I was recently handed this self released album when I went along to The Old Wharf to catch this four piece from Staffordshire. I enjoyed their set that night so was eager to get my teeth into the album proper.

New Dawn are a melodic metal outfit and after hearing their live set I expected some heavy stuff on this album, so I was taken aback as the first track came on! More ambient than metal, “Metallurgy” is a track to soothe the soul, but this is purely an intro and just as you’re drifting off the first track proper kicks in with huge crunching riffs, which sets the tone for the whole album.

Vocalist, Craig Silvester, has got a distinctive voice, and his clean, melodic style is the perfect foil for the harshness of Christian Jones’ heavy riffs and hooks, with the drum and bass combo of Ian Langford and Nick Bates providing the variety, sometimes funky, at others out and out thrash style.

This is a competent release from a young band, that are confident enough and have the belief in their abilities that as enabled them to put together a full album which is full of well written songs. Stand out tracks are “Unite”, the fast and furious “Blindsided” and the funky “Hold Your Life”

All in all, an album of maturity, showing good song structure with excellent use of tempo changes and contrasts.

Track List





Hold Your Life

Release Your Life

Far Enough


You Have Failed To Learn The Way


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