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Liberty Lies - New Addiction

Review by Jason Guest

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The Black Country’s Liberty Lies have been busy doing the rounds lately supporting bands such as Magnum and Black Spiders, and winning audiences over with their high energy shows and modern/classic rock oeuvre. Approximately two years old, the band have matured at a rapid rate in both their live performance and their song writing, and ‘New Addiction’ is a fine platform for their combined talent.

The EP is littered with great sleaze and classic rock riffs and huge melodic choruses guaranteed to get audiences singing for weeks on end. ‘The Wire’ is a powerful and unrelenting opener; ‘Hero’ slows the pace down a little but still shifts the air with as much clout as the opener; ‘Crow Road’ is rammed with melody and might; and the beautifully melancholic ‘Day in the Sun’ closes the EP only moments before I find myself reaching for the play button, eager to hear it all again and finding it difficult to find a favourite.

Shaun’s vocals are powerful, his range is excellent, his lines melodic and commanding. Josh and Dan’s guitar lines intertwine and compliment each other perfectly with ample breathing space that gives each song a depth and character of their own. The solos are great and work within the song instead of being simply a platform for egotistical satisfaction, that most fateful of guitar diseases. And Adam’s drums and Matt’s bass-lines sit neatly in the mix and carry the songs along magnificently.

‘New Addiction’ is a great collection of tunes, all of which are powerful, catchy, melodic, and mighty. What more do you want?

Track Listing:

1.     The Wire

2.     Hero

3.     Crow Road

4.     Day in the Sun

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