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Ajenda - ‘Vicious Circle’ EP

Review by Dave Evans
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Ajenda are a power pop / rock band from Northern Ireland, who are an eclectic mix of individuals who boast a sound based on huge melodies and ‘groove-laden’ anthems.

The band have already supported the likes of Jaded Sun and are soon to be the support to ‘melodic’ rock gods FM when they hit Ireland.

So armed with this information I was intrigued to see what sort of sound Ajenda belted out.

The EP starts off with the ‘rumbling’ bass intro of ‘Circles’, and what is instantly apparent are the powerful vocals of lead singer Jen - her tones are reminiscent of Sharleen Spiteri and pop-rocker Pink.
The tune itself takes me back to the late 80s with a nod to fellow Irish band The Hothouse Flowers. It certainly ticks the box marked ‘huge melodies’, its an infectious song that stays in your head long after its finished playing.

‘Waiting To Catch You’ is built on Gavin’s pop-punk guitar lick, bouncing along like Blink 182 fighting it out with No Doubt.  As a tune its not sure musically where it wants to go - is it pop, ska, rock or punk? However Jen’s vocals are once again immense - spitting out the lyrics with intent and passion.  I would like to see this song performed live, as the melodies are incredibly catchy and infectious.

This infectiousness is carried into the following track ‘Come Clean’. Once again a neat guitar lick leads the track and the solid drums of James further enhance what is a master-class in how to write near perfect ‘pop-rock‘. Pink is an undoubted influence on Jen here but that’s no bad thing as her vocals are ‘soulful’ and carried with the confidence of someone who has lived life and come out the other side. For me this is the EP’s stand out track.

Gavin’s jagged and spiralling guitars lead us towards the EP’s finale ‘Blue In The Face’. It’s a solid track, with Jen once again taking the centre stage with her confident and sultry vocals. Its not breaking any new ground - but as a band Ajenda aren’t as a whole. What this EP demonstrates is the fact that four individuals with eclectic musical backgrounds can get together to produce some wonderful and inspiring music.

I always say that if whilst listening to a CD I’m then imagining that band playing live - then they have that little something extra. This is very much the case with Ajenda. I defy anyone to listen to ‘Circles’ or ‘Come Clean’ and not feel a warmth for their sound.

I feel with good management and direction Ajenda can make some serious waves in the rocky waters of the music industry. They have the passion and in Jen they have a real star. Now I cant wait to see them live.

Track-listing; Circles / Waiting To Catch You / Come Clean / Blue In The Face

Ajenda are;

Jen - Vocals
Gavin - Guitars
Ian - Bass
James - Drums

You can find out more about the band by visiting


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